‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Is Not Interested In Landon’s Opinion

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Now that things are going very well for Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and this includes her sworn enemy from season’s past who took great pleasure in kicking her when she was down. Southern Charm Season 4 cast member Landon Clements, who was not asked back for Season 5, is now congratulating Dennis after being her harshest critic, mocking her on reunion shows, and then joining forces with Thomas Ravenel’s new girlfriend who called Dennis an “egg donor” on the season finale.

But today was the final straw for Dennis, as she told Landon she doesn’t want her support, so she can stay on #teamashley with the other polo fans. Clements gave a statement to Bravo saying that she is so happy for Kathryn, who was recently featured in an article in Forbes that detailed her rise from the ashes like a modern-day Phoenix.

“It’s been a long road KD. Happy for your happiness.”

Clements added that she is now ready to put the past behind her.

“The past is the past we should all look to a bright future.”

Yeah, well, it sounds like KD isn’t ready to forget that she went on her Valentine’s Day trip with Thomas Ravenel to a quiet B&B and that she shared intimate details with Ravenel’s Season 5 girlfriend, just months ago.

Sunday drivers ???? Thank you @santabarbarapoloclub for a beautiful afternoon ????

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But while Kathryn Dennis is ready to forgive some, she wants Landon to simply go away. While Landon now is wishing Kathryn well, in the past she suggested that Dennis needed ECT treatments. So when Landon tweeted a “message of love” to Kathryn on Twitter today, it wasn’t received warmly.

@clementslandon I moved on so long ago(?) Please stop mentioning me just to get in a headline. My coattails are tired and you really don’t care. If you did you would have said that to me..not the media. #clicktricks.”

Clements responded that she would have, but Kathryn blocked her on social media and blocked her number on her phone.

It’s unclear what led to Landon’s positive comments for Kathryn, but it might have to do with the new bond between Dennis and Patricia Altschul, but now that Altschul has excised Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend, and stated that she isn’t in contact anymore with their friend Clements, perhaps Landon is looking for a way back in.

So while Kathryn Dennis is moving forward, others are looking backward at their mistakes and the harsh ways they treated her.