Paris Jackson Wants Her Memories Erased

Being the daughter of Michael Jackson surely must be difficult. Paris Jackson must have to endure a lot, but now we’re learning it’s apparently so hard that Paris wants her memories to be erased.

Quick someone show Paris Jackson the popular film Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, or perhaps she’s seen it already and got the idea from it? We can’t say for sure, but it appears that Paris is interested in meeting up with a hypnotist.

It’s not certain why Paris Jackson so desperately wants her memory erased, but Jackson does leave some inking of what it could be about. The daughter of fame singer Michael Jackson, who has a shrine to her father, hints that it might stem from a relationship with a boyfriend, although she doesn’t completely specify.

The aspiring actress tweeted “If you think of something you love like a ‘precious gem,’ treat it like a gem and not a rock maybe then it won’t crack or break.” Sounds like boy trouble! It’s surprising that Paris would be allowed to date, if it is true, but we can’t say for sure given the ambiguity on the situation.

Paris Jackson followed up that vague tweet by releasing these tweets:

“Warning do not back up severe tire damage; i.e. don’t reverse/relive your past or you’re gana get your tires effed up/recreate your mistakes (sic).”

“Is it possible to go to a hypnotist and get your memories of a past relationship or the entire memory of someone erased from your head?”

Her last tweet has since been deleted. However, in the last fifteen minutes it seems like she purged her last tweet on the situation that seems to be bothering her:

Paris Jackson and her siblings Prince Michael and Blanket lived with their paternal grandmother Katherine Jackson after their father passed in 2009. However, over the summer the children were under the supervision of their cousin TJ Jackson.