Demi Lovato Still Too Sick To Make Plans For Rehab And Friends Aren't Sure If She Wants To, 'TMZ' Reports

Demi Lovato will not be able to go to rehab, or even consider it, until she can move beyond what appears to be an increasingly bad bout of sickness related to her overdose, reports indicate.

It has now been a week since Lovato was hospitalized with what was reported as a drug overdose. Though she appears to have escaped any long-term danger, Lovato's continued illness has not allowed her to even think about when she will go to rehab, TMZ reported.

The celebrity news outlet reported that Demi Lovato is still "very ill" and suffering from nausea and a high fever. The condition has kept Lovato in the hospital, and those close to the singer aren't sure if she will want to go to rehab.

"We just don't know where her head is at," one source told the outlet.

The report noted that Demi Lovato can only go to rehab if she makes the decision herself, and there have been conflicting reports over whether she realizes the severity of her situation and is ready to check herself in. The TMZ reported that there is some hope given that Demi has been willing to go to rehab when needed in the past, but there are no assurances this time.

There have been other reports that Demi has been in poor health in the days since her overdose. Earlier in the week, TMZ reported that Lovato had fallen ill from complications of the overdose. It was not clear if this was an unexpected downturn, as her symptoms matched those of heroin withdrawal. There was still some confusion about exactly what substance caused her overdose, with initial reports claiming it was heroin but others later claiming it may have been methamphetamine or another drug.

Prior to the overdose, there were reports for several weeks that the singer had fallen off the wagon and was partying through the night with her friends. A new report from the People magazine claimed that it became a daily fight for Lovato to stay sober.

"Demi never wanted to be a role model. Her sobriety over the last six years was a fight every single day," a source close to the singer told the celebrity news outlet. "After she finally got clean, her team was very hard on her and treated her like she was a kid. It's so hard to have all these eyes on you all the time."

It remains unclear exactly when Demi Lovato could be released from the hospital, or if she plans to go to rehab.