Parry Shen Talks 'General Hospital' Baby Drama, Teases What's Ahead For Brad And Lucas [Spoilers]

Stacy Carey

This week has been a roller coaster for the characters of Brad and Lucas on General Hospital. They've been working toward adopting a child for months, and both men were thrilled to learn the baby had been born and placed with them. Unfortunately, Brad's joy turned to heartbreak when baby Wiley died before the family even had any time to bond. Nelle stunned him by proposing that he secretly take her child, unbeknownst to Lucas, and actor Parry Shen shared a few teasers via Twitter regarding what comes next.

General Hospital fans had speculated for months that somehow Nelle's pregnancy would overlap with the adoption journey Brad and Lucas were on. People weren't necessarily sure they had figured out how Nelle's baby would end up with Lucas and Brad, but speculation became soap reality during Tuesday's episode. Now, Brad is clearly distracted and distraught as he tries to reconcile the choice he made.

Parry Shen, who plays Brad, answered questions Tuesday afternoon from General Hospital fans via Twitter. He thanked GH viewers for both loving and hating Brad, noting that his character was only supposed to be around for a four-episode run back in 2013. He says that the past five years have been an incredible ride and he's anxious to see where things head next.

Shen did acknowledge that a lot of General Hospital fans are upset about this storyline. Many were frustrated to see Wiley die when the show could have told a powerful storyline about two gay men adopting, and, of course, the baby switch trick has been done numerous times on soaps. However, Parry said that he thinks GH is fortunate to have viewers who are engaged in the story and who care about the lives of these characters.

"Brucas" fans have been itching for a long time now to see Lucas and Brad get a front-burner storyline, frustrated that the writers weren't using the actors. While the couple's supporters may not be happy about the circumstances woven into this new story, it looks like they will get to see a lot of Brucas in the weeks ahead as this plays out, and that much is good news.

Brad is already being shown to feel overwhelmingly conflicted and emotional about his decision to accept Nelle's baby and pass him off as Wiley. General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get intense as this storyline moves forward, and despite perhaps hating the premise, it does sound as if viewers will get some great acting from Parry Shen and Ryan Carnes in the weeks ahead.