WWE News: 'Woken' Matt Hardy Has Fans Freaking Out Over His Latest Cryptic Tweet

Ever since the Hardy Boyz made their return to WWE last year, fans were hoping that the "broken" side of them would eventually come into the picture. After some legal issues were settled, Matt Hardy became "Woken" and a different side of him arrived on Monday Night Raw. Over the past few months, he has been teaming with Bray Wyatt as the "Deleters of Worlds" tag team, but after some success, has the time come for him to step aside?

Matt Hardy has always been one of those who is a bit out there and doesn't always play to the normal way of everyday life. Upon introducing his "Broken" character in Impact Wrestling and his "Woken" character in WWE, everyone found out that he is even more out there than they could have possibly imagined.

After a feud with Bray Wyatt, the two superstars formed a tag team that has been quite successful and even held the Raw Tag Team Championship for quite a while. At Extreme Rules, they lost the titles to the B-Team and then, lost their rematch a week later.

This week on Raw, the Deleters of Worlds faced off against The Revival and ended up suffering yet another defeat. On Wednesday morning, Hardy posted a very strange tweet with an old pic of him and what seemed to be a message of "goodbye."

In the tweet, it is obvious that Matt Hardy is thanking anyone and everyone who has supported him throughout his career. Hardy even runs through all of his different personas and gimmicks while bringing back some really great memories for those who have watched him and his brother Jeff for decades.

The odd thing is that this seems very much like a retirement message or one that says he is going away or something like that. Many fans even commented on his post and said it sounded like a "retirement tweet" and that they were in tears at the thought of him leaving WWE and the ring.

Of course, as Cageside Seats put it, this could simply be Matt Hardy thanking everyone for being behind him. He often tweets out cryptic things and as a matter of fact, he did so a couple of weeks ago.

This tweet was made the day after he and Bray Wyatt lost the tag titles to the B-Team at Extreme Rules, and it seemed a team break-up was coming. That didn't happen, but a week later, they lost their rematch to the B-Team and Hardy made another strange post.
Again, another semi-break-up message, but the Deleters of Worlds remained a team as of this past week.

For now, fans are thinking all kinds of things in regard to Matt Hardy's cryptic tweet after yet another loss on Monday Night Raw, but it may be nothing. There have been no whispers of retirement or him leaving WWE or anything like that, but not all backstage info is made public right away. As of this time, fans will have to just wait and see what is next for Matt Hardy and if he's going to remain "Woken" or transform into yet another being.