WWE News: Former World Champion Says Brock Lesnar Gave His Best Promo Ever On 'Raw'

Right now, the word going around is that Brock Lesnar will be at SummerSlam, and the episodes of Monday Night Raw before and after, finishing up his career with WWE. He is facing off against Roman Reigns to defend his WWE Universal Championship and some believe it will be his final match with the company. As he prepares for his departure, there are many who feel as if he is actually working his best right now.

This week on Monday Night Raw, Lesnar made his long-awaited return and appeared in the main event slot for a segment. Instead of just allowing Paul Heyman to speak for him, "The Beast Incarnate" took the mic and said a few words before simply asking general manager Kurt Angle if he has a problem with him.

After asking Constable Baron Corbin the same question, Lesnar grabbed Angle and delivered a vicious F-5. Suddenly, he turned to Heyman, grabbed him by the mouth, and began talking down his business partner as he forced him to the mat and continued to yell at him.

It was a very intense promo which ended Monday Night Raw with Lesnar walking out on his own, while Angle and Heyman lay writhing in the ring. Mark Henry spoke on Busted Open Radio on Tuesday, and he said that the promo by Lesnar may have been the best of his career.

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Lesnar's promo on Raw was short and to the point, but it delivered a performance that excited viewers. The majority of the fans started cheering for Roman Reigns louder than they have in a long time, and as reported by Wrestling Inc., Mark Henry loved every minute of it.

"First of all, I'm going to go on record as saying something that I've never said about Brock Lesnar ever. Best promo he ever cut. When he grabbed Paul Heyman and he said you are not my friend, and he started ripping him. I was like he doesn't need Paul Heyman. That promo was fire. That's what Brock needs to do... I thought that segment was really good."
Lesnar attacking Kurt Angle added a lot to the promo. After that, his manhandling of Paul Heyman and being so forceful is something that Henry thought added even more heat to the segment. Of course, Heyman played his part perfectly as well.
"Paul Heyman was as spectacular as he always is, playing the role, not only that, but the physical part of it. Because you don't want to see Paul have any physical interaction and he did [on Monday] and he was tremendous. I'm just so happy we were blessed with that."
It has been expected that Lesnar is finishing out his WWE contract in order to return to UFC for a possible championship fight against Daniel Cormier.

With likely only one match left in his current WWE run, the fans may have honestly just started getting the best Brock Lesnar imaginable. His promo on Monday Night Raw has been called brash, to the point, nasty, and extremely intense as he took down Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman in the process. If SummerSlam ends up being the last time that Lesnar is in a WWE ring, Mark Henry believes that it will honestly be the best Lesnar of his career.