Downton Abbey Nintendo/SNES Game Spoof A Major Hit [Video]

Would you like to play Downton Abbey the game? It seems like many fans of the PBS hit show Downton Abbey would like to play a game based on the show too.

A Video posted on YouTube and created by Bill Kiley (a video game music composer) shows what it would be like to play a game based on the show on SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). The 16-bit based game spoof is pretty entertaining, and it looks like many have taken a liking to the idea.

A reported by NBC Bay Area, the game spoof creator and Santa Cruz resident Bill Kiley is a major fan of Downton Abbey, and he decided to make the video one night when he couldn’t sleep. Kiley said:

“From there, the idea just ballooned into this ridiculous concept. I recycled some old SNES graphics, and created a bunch of custom graphics and animations, then threw it all together and animated it,” Kiley said on Tuesday. Then, he added unnecessarily: ‘I’m a huge Downton Abbey fan.’ “

In the game, you are the Footman and are asked to perform a variety of duties by the residents. The game play includes helping Robert Crawley find his misplaced cigars for his fancy cigar party, spying for Mary Crawley to ensure her husband’s safety, picking the traditional bouillon spoon out of an assortment of spoons, and, most entertaining of all, fluffing pillows by pressing L and R repeatedly.

YouTube comments tend to point to fans enthusiasm and openness to the idea of a game based on Downton Abbey, and maybe a game company out there will listen.