Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Black Lacy Bra In New Ad For DKNY

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Emily Ratajkowski has shared a sultry new photo of herself in a lacy black bra on Instagram. But this isn’t just any regular social media pic. As Ratajkowski reveals in the caption, the photo is part of an ad campaign for DKNY. In the photo, the bra is paired with black DKNY leggings. She’s posed in a laidback manner that shows off her toned abs.

According to Maxim Magazine, the outfit is part of DKNY’s Fall 2018 Intimates line. The hashtag for the campaign is “#UnderneathMyDKNY” and in a video promoting its release, Ratajkowski says, “Underneath it all, I’m far from perfect.”

In the video, she can be seen lounging around a room doing various mundane activities in a seductive manner like reading the newspaper, typing on a laptop and eating an apple.

This isn’t Ratajkowski’s first time modeling for the iconic New York-based fashion brand. She famously walked around New York “doing errands” like walking her dog in her underwear for their “#GoodMorningDKNY” campaign in 2017. From the looks of it, this new campaign is a continuation of the “hot girl doing regular things” theme from last year.

The leggy 27-year-old model has become known for sharing photos to her millions of Instagram followers where she’s showing a lot of skin. As the Inquisitr previously reported, her last Instagram post was a video in which she’s wearing a high-cut burgundy bikini with a plunging neckline. When she turns around in the video, she reveals that it’s actually a G-string, which gives viewers a clear view of her derriere.

But, Ratajkowski isn’t just a pretty face and body, she owns and operates the line that sells the burgundy swimsuit. The brand is called Inamorata Swim and it currently has 228,000 followers on Instagram.

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In an interview with Vogue, Ratajkowski revealed that the line was inspired by her swimsuit-loving lifestyle.

“I grew up in San Diego and I basically wore a bathing suit every day on the beach,” she said. “When I was 16, sometimes I would literally wake up, not put on any clothes, and I’d put on a bathing suit and get coffees and burritos for the day.”

And so, Inamorata Swim was born in 2017. Its website currently features a variety of different one-piece swimsuit and bikini styles.

The swimsuit design that Ratajkowski wears in the Instagram video above is called the Leucadia. According to the Inamorata Swim website, it retails for $160 and comes in a variety of colors and a polka dot print. The website also says that the swimsuit is made in the USA.

Ratajkowski models each of the designs and the product photos ditch the gloss of a fashion magazine editorial in favor of an iPhone camera aesthetic. It’s fitting when you consider the brand was started by a model turned businesswoman whose fame has gotten a major boost thanks to Instagram.