Kaley Cuoco Promotes Pet Adoption With New Sock Design Inspired By Her Beloved Dog, Norman

Kaley Cuoco is taking her love for her dog Norman to a whole new level.

If you follow her on Instagram, chances are that you know Kaley is a huge animal lover. Not only is the actress proud mama to pit bull mixes Norman and Shirley, she also has a terrier mix named Ruby, seven show horses, and two white rabbits. But her dog, Norman, has always held a special place in Cuoco's heart. Her Intagram handle — @normancook — is even as a tribute to the beloved pooch.

To take her love of Norman even further, People shares that the 32-year-old recently teamed up with the company Sock Problems to help put a "sock" in dogs being euthanized by promoting one of her favorite phrases, "adopt, don't shop." Kaley and her stylist and friend, Brad Goreski, teamed up to design the socks, which don Norman's face in cartoon form as the pattern.

The socks are primarily blue with the slogan "adopt, don't shop," in big green letters on the bottom. Proceeds from the sock sales will go to a charity that is near and dear to the heart of Kaley and her husband, Karl Cook — Paw Works.

"Every pair purchased sends 25% back to community programs that help give forgotten animals a second chance at life," the Sock Problem website reads.

Kaley says that the "adopt, don't shop" motto has always been one of her favorite slogans.

"We have always loved this motto! Why would you 'buy' a dog when you can basically find any breed you want and adopt it? I also love 'who rescued who.' There has never been a truer statement said."
Kaley has long been a supporter of Paw Works since 2010. It all started when her mom found Paw Works on Facebook and saw a dog that she thought her daughter may want to adopt. Cuoco ended up adopting the pooch, and thus her relationship with the company began.
"His name was Chester and he passed two years ago but I fell in love with Paw Works and their mission. They rescue the dogs and cats that need it most at the worst shelters, fix them, clean them up, socialize them and get them ready to find the perfect home."
In the interview, Cuoco also promotes getting your dog spayed or neutered as a "first step." The actress explains that taking this step will help to avoid overcrowding of dogs in shelters, because once some shelters reach capacity, they end up euthanizing dogs.

"Use social media for good! I've seen more animals find homes through Facebook and Instagram than any other outlet. Also, volunteer! These places need daily help and the animals love the attention," Kaley says.

The socks can be purchased on Sock Problems' website for $16 for three pairs.