Dogs Shot By Pennsylvania Cops … In Front Of Chester High School [Video]

Chester, PA – A shootout between cops and two stray dogs in a Pennsylvania suburb has left residents shocked, particularly because the scene occurred right in front of Chester High School.

NBC News reports that the incident began Friday afternoon when a dog got into the back of a pickup truck and started fighting with another dog. Cops were called to the scene, and when they weren’t able to separate the two dogs, they instead shot them five rounds from a pistol, and one blast from a shotgun.

The incident was captured on a cell phone video, and residents were shocked by the police reaction, reports NBC News affiliate NBC10.

“I don’t care how bad they try to make Chester seem, this is not a war zone, you don’t do things like that,” said Tehran Freeman, a dog owner who lives a block away from the scene. Freeman was also the one who captured the footage of the police reaction.

“I thought them as the police should be held to a higher standard and would have some type of procedure for breaking it up than actually pulling out your pistols in front of the high school,” Freeman continued.

He also said that seeing the police’s reaction was the “last thing that I thought would happen,” adding, “It wasn’t secure at all, I know bullets can ricochet and anything else — you’re trying to shoot two animals in the back of a metal vehicle, that bullet can go anywhere.”

It wasn’t clear who the dog’s owners were, but Freeman said that the aggressor appeared to be a pit bull.

Freeman also noted that the two cops on the scene seemed just as disturbed as everyone else was.

“One of the officers actually looked very, very shaken up about it,” he said.

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