Demi Lovato's Ex, Wilmer Valderrama, Wants To Be 'Heavily Involved' In Her Recovery, Per 'Hollywood Life'

As the world worries about Demi Lovato following an apparent overdose, news of ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama visiting the pop star during this crisis has won the hearts of her fans. The two had a long-term relationship that reportedly ended only because schedules and travel made sustaining a romantic relationship difficult. They have apparently remained close friends, and Hollywood Life reports that Valderrama intends to remain part of Lovato's recovery in a significant way.

A source close to Demi told HL that Valderrama is fully vested in her return to health and sobriety, saying, "Wilmer is all in for Demi right now and he wants her to be OK." As recently reported by Inquisitr, their friendship has not faltered since their breakup, and it's believed that they still would like to be more than friends. Sources say Lovato has thought that a romantic future between them down the road was a strong possibility. The same sources describe them as the love of each other's life.

With such strong feelings for 25-year-old Lovato, Valderrama was crushed by news of her reported overdose and wants her to get back to "the best version of herself." HL's source indicates that he is in it for the long haul, saying, "His intention is to help her through her current hospital stay and he really wants to be heavily involved in her future recovery even if that involves a rehab facility."

Reports have indicated that although those around Lovato think her best choice is to enter rehab as soon as she is released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a firm decision has not yet been made. The main goal at this point is to return the "Sober" singer to physical health before making decisions about the next step in addressing her alleged addiction issues. Even with the tight friendship 38-year-old Valderrama has with Lovato, he is not suggesting rehab or any other future paths for her.
"He is not recommending anything to her right now but he has reassured her that he will be with her the entire way to full recovery and is glad to help her in any of her wants and needs."
Latest news on Lovato's condition indicate that she is not yet out of the woods physically and is still dealing with complications of her reported overdose including nausea, fever, and vomiting. These are not unusual following an overdose, and the singer is expected to make a full recovery in time.