Call Of Duty Game Prompts Neighbor To Call Police, Report Shots Fired

Stockholm, Sweden – A group of friends playing Call of Duty in prompted a neighbor to call police and report that shots had been fired. The neighbor became worried when they heard loud gunfire and someone screaming for help.

According to reports, one of the characters in the game was shot down and was calling out to the other characters in the game for help. The neighbor contacted the police department and reported the yelling and multiple guns being fired.

As reported by UPI, dispatchers, fearing the worst, sent out a unit of 10 police officers. When they arrived they raided the apartment and removed the teens.

When things settled down the friends were able to explain to the police that they were simply playing Call of Duty and the noises the neighbor heard were coming from the characters in the game.

As explained on Wikipedia, Call of Duty is a first or third-person “shooter” game that has evolved from the PC into a console game. The game “simulates the infantry and combined arms warfare of World War II.” The original version was released in 2003 and the newest version Black Ops II, was released late last year. In the first 24 hours there were reportedly 5.6 copies sold between the US and the UK. Within five days sales worldwide were nearly $650 million.

The teens in Sweden who disturbed their neighbor with their Call of Duty game were eventually released by the police. None of the friends were taken into custody and there were no charges filed.