NBA Rumors: After Leaving Pelicans For Warriors, Anthony Davis Considers DeMarcus Cousins As An 'Enemy'

After two seasons of playing together, Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins parted ways this summer. Cousins reportedly received lack of interest as an unrestricted free agent, forcing him to call GM Bob Myers and ask if they still have a spot for him in the Golden State Warriors. The reigning NBA champions didn't let the opportunity to add another talented player on their roster pass and gave Cousins a one-year, $5.3 million contract.

In an interview with Angel Diaz of Complex, Anthony Davis said that he is happy for DeMarcus Cousins, believing that he made the best decision for his NBA career. However, now that he is no longer a member of the Pelicans, Davis already considered his former Kentucky teammate as an "enemy."

"I mean, I'm happy for him. He did what he did. He chose the right team for his career right now with his injury, I'm assuming. I wish the best of luck to him and we'll see him three maybe four times this year, and try to beat him. Now he's the enemy. Anybody who's not on the Pelicans is an enemy to me. He went from a teammate to an enemy."
Of course, Anthony Davis will only treat DeMarcus Cousins as an "enemy" when they play against each other on the court. However, when Cousins signed with the Warriors, there were rumors that Davis didn't really want Cousins back on the team, especially after seeing the Pelicans performed well without him last season. When Cousins went down with a season-ending injury, the Pelicans still managed to finish sixth in the Western Conference and swept the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the playoffs before being eliminated by the Warriors in the semis.
Most people believed that if Anthony Davis really wanted the Pelicans to re-sign DeMarcus Cousins, General Manager Dell Demps would have listened. Aside from their better on-court performance without "Boogie," Davis also liked the environment in the locker room when Cousins was absent. However, according to Yahoo Sports, Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry said that there is no truth on the rumors about the relationship between Davis and Cousins.

However, it still remains a huge mystery why Anthony Davis didn't push the Pelicans to bring DeMarcus Cousins back. As of now, they should expect a tougher challenge in the 2018-19 NBA season now that Cousins is playing for the Warriors. Only time will tell if they made the right decision to let Cousins walk away in free agency.