Trump’s Supporters Trust Him For Accurate Information Over Than Their Own Family And Friends, Study Shows

Jim UrquhartAP Images

When Donald Trump’s supporters want accurate information, they value one source above all else — Trump himself.

A recent poll from CBS News asked supporters of the president where they turn for accurate information, whether they agree with the source’s views or not. As the Independent noted, the report found that 91 percent of them say they turn to the president, and only 63 percent said they would look to their own friends and family.

The poll comes as Trump has suffered through a series of controversial policies and the revelation that he may have known about a meeting during the campaign where Russia offered to share with his campaign dirt that was stolen on Hillary Clinton. Amid these controversies, Trump’s supporters remain as loyal as ever.

This group may be following direction directly from the president. Amid a string of critical stories at his unpopular policies, Donald Trump has told his supporters not to believe what they see or read in the media, but instead only to believe what he tells them.

“This country is doing better than it’s ever done before, economically,” Trump said in an address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention last week. “But it’s all working out. Just remember: What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

As the Independent noted, those who put their trust in Donald Trump are very often being misled.

“Mr. Trump regularly makes inaccurate or misleading statements himself,” the report noted. “Just two days before the CBS survey was published, the president tweeted that his poll numbers were the highest in the ‘history of the Republican party,’ including President Abe Lincoln. The first national presidential poll was conducted in 1936 – three decades after Lincoln died.

“According to a Washington Post tally updated at the end of May, Mr Trump had made more than 3,200 false or misleading claims in the past 497 days.”

While Donald Trump’s supporters may be loyal to him, that group appears to be shrinking — especially in the most critical areas. A recent poll from the Morning Consult found that the president has net negative numbers in three key states that propelled his surprise victory in 2016. In Pennsylvania, Trump’s new approval was -5, in Michigan it was -8, and in Wisconsin it has grown to a -13 net approval.

As the recent poll showed, Trump’s group of supporters is shrinking, but those who do support the president are becoming increasingly loyal to him. A NBC/WSJ poll earlier this year showed that even while Donald Trump’s base continued to contract, those who do support the president are rating him even higher on areas like the economy.