Rob Ryan Fired By St. Louis Rams Before He Was Even Hired, Or Something

The Rob Ryan to the Rams deal has fallen through.

Ryan will not be going to work for St. Louis as its new defensive coordinator as originally planned. Ryan, the twin brother of Jets head coach Rex Ryan, most recently held the same position with the Dallas Cowboys.

Rob Ryan had a second meeting with the Rams coaching staff yesterday after which it was apparently determined that the team wanted to go in another direction.

According to ESPN, [head coach Jeff] “Fisher noted the team did not make an official announcement on the hiring of Ryan, but his team will publicly confirm that Ryan will not join the staff.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the team was actually just about to issue a press release on Friday announcing Rob Ryan’s official hiring as defensive coordinator but held off:

“There were questions all along about the hiring of Ryan, beginning with a less-than-stellar resume, and the fact that almost all of his recent NFL experience was running a 3-4 defense as opposed to the 4-3 scheme run by the Rams.”

“In nine seasons as a coordinator for Dallas, Cleveland, and Oakland, Ryan had only one defense ranked in the top 10.”

After his recent firing by the Dallas Cowboys, Ryan quipped that he would be out of of an NFL job “for like five minutes,” but it appears that the clock is still ticking on a new gig.

ESPN claims that Former Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron could be high on the Rams’ list of candidates, but the team indicated it will continue the interview process.

Could Rob Ryan wind up on his brother’s team after all?

[Image credit: Scott Mecum]