Rich The Kid’s Cryptic Instagram Post Has Fans Wondering Whether He’s Changing His Name Or Even Retiring

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Rapper Rich the Kid has left his fans scratching their heads after he posted a cryptic Instagram on Tuesday. The post is just black and white text saying, “R.I.P. Rich the Kid 1992-2018” and he captions it with, “Thank u all my fans & family for everything????????????????????????” Fans are wondering if he is changing his name or changing his career.

One fan named _baemax_2.0 wrote, “I love you dont die please” while another wrote kind of the opposite saying, “he’s talking about his rap career, YALL SLOW????.” Either way, there are no answers from Rich the Kid yet and his fans want them.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, he’s been dealing with a lot lately. Rich the Kid experienced a home invasion a few weeks ago. An Instagram was posted of Rich the Kid lying unconscious in his bed.

A few days ago he ranted on Instagram, saying how he wants out of his contract with 300 Entertainment. According to another article at Hot New Hip Hop, the Instagram was a “stay safe” message on how to run your business. He declared that he wanted out of his contract with 300 Entertainment, the label that supports his Rich Forever Music initiative.”

In the business Instagram post, he outlined that he would pay the company an advance they had administered and call it even on those grounds.

Since then, the rapper has deleted all of his Instagram posts, leaving just the R.I.P. cryptic message.

He has also had some drama with his Rich Forever castmates. According to another article at Hot New Hip Hop, Dex trashed talked Rich the Kid after allegedly the project Dex Meets Dexter didn’t reach the popularity they wanted. Dex went on “Instagram live to trash his former boss, calling him selfish a dozen times and once again, claiming to be out of Rich Forever.”

“Rich The Kid’s selfish a** is trying to sell Rich Forever 4. You’re not trying to get me and Jay Critch sh**, you don’t do sh** for me and Jay Critch,” Dex said in his rant.

Rich the Kid responded to the claims with simply saying, “He was geekin we right here together now.”

Either way, Rich the Kid has been dealing with plenty of drama lately. It could be that he is just trying a new rap career path. His Instagram bio now says “Rich Forever CEO” and not Rich the Kid. It’s possible that the kid just decided to grow up.