Howard Stern To Release ‘Tell-All’ Book, Per ‘Radar Online’

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Radio personality Howard Stern is allegedly penning a “tell-all” book, according to Radar Online. This project would be the third in a series of books for publishing bigwig Simon and Schuster, and a continuation of his first tome titled Private Parts which was published in 1993.

Stern has been alluding to a “secret project” on his radio show for quite some time, and Radar Online learned that this might just be a new tell-all book.

Radar reported that over the past two months, the 64-year-old shock jock has spoken of being “overly excited” for the project. He also noted on his radio show, according to Radar, that he had to “look through old pictures” for the project.

The site reported that on July 17, a fan who claimed to work as a librarian said he stumbled upon an “untitled nonfiction” book added to the Simon & Schuster Canada Publishers’ list. The September 25 release date allegedly listed the author as the radio host. Radar reported that within several days after the discovery, the author was changed to “to be confirmed.”

Private Parts was released by the famous publisher in 1993 and it was the fastest-selling book in the company’s history. It was later adapted into a hit film in 1997 starring Stern and his radio show staff as themselves.

In late 1995, Stern published a second book called Miss America.

Radar reported that Stern’s new tell-all could “address a lot of controversies over the years, including his fall-out from former sidekick Artie Lange, his first divorce, possible health issues, and rumored upcoming retirement.

Stern is noted for probing celebrity interviews, including stars whom you would never imagine having the courage to sit down with him, knowing the conversation is going to get personal.

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“I just can’t walk out of here and say, ‘I did a good show today and I’m very satisfied,'” Stern told Rolling Stone in 2011 about his insecurities. “No, I gotta know, do you think I did a good show and are you satisfied? And that’s the neurosis and that’s the source of all problems for me.”

“The biggest criticism of my interviews is that I cut people off,” he continued to Rolling Stone. “I think my biggest asset is that I cut people off. It sounds like a contradiction, but the fact is you can’t allow people to drone on. You are the orchestra leader.”

Stern continues to host a daily radio show for Sirius XM. He also notably inducted Bon Jovi into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2018. He has been married to Beth Stern since 2008 and is the father of three grown daughters.