Kylie Jenner Fan Spends £39,000 [$51,000] On Plastic Surgery, Had So Much Lip Filler His Lips Burst

Vantage News / IPxAP Images

A Kylie Jenner fan is so stricken by the young starlet and entrepreneur that he’s spent nearly $51,000 on plastic surgery, and even put so much “filler” in his lips that they once burst.

As The Sun reports, James Holt, now 24, has never “felt comfortable” with his own looks and has always wanted to look different. He first took a shine to the celebutante at the age of 16 and began trying to mimic her look. And at the time, Kylie and her sisters were known for the “pouty lips” look, which is accomplished in a plastic surgeon’s office and requires injections into the lips. Holt wasn’t fazed.

He first got the lip injections at the age of 16, traveling to Poland to find a plastic surgeon who would do lip injections on a teenager. That cost him £4,000 ($5,200), according to The Daily Mail.

“I started when I was 16 when I found someone who would give me lip fillers, and I think it’s got better with time.”

Since then he’s spent £14,000 ($18,400) on lip injections alone. Despite at one point having so much filler in his lips that it leaked out, and over the pleas of his friends and family, he continues to go to the plastic surgeon’s office every two months to have them topped off.

The lips are just the beginning. He’s also spent £8,000 ($10,500) on two nose jobs; £5,000 ($6,500) on cheek and chin fillers; and £12,000 ($15,700) on Botox injections, which he gets every three months on his forehead and armpits (to stop him from sweating). He also gets his teeth whitened twice per year.

He also had a nose job, which he says was botched.

“After my nose jobs there have been complications as I can’t breathe through my nose and I sound quite nasal. I have trouble sleeping because when I’m trying to breathe out of my nose I’m not able to, so I wake up.”

He’s also trying to imitate another Kardashian signature look: a big, curvaceous butt. So far he’s spent £2,000 ($2,600) on cryotherapy to make his butt look bigger.

“I get lots of looks in the street and I’ve even had people come up to me asking about my lips. Most people just look and gasp, but I’ve learnt to live with that. Older people seem to be very shocked, but I don’t think they understand.”

Despite the pleas of his loved ones, the strange looks, the unwanted side-effects, and the stupendous amount of money he’s spent, James says he will “never” stop having plastic surgery.