‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Monday, July 30: Ridge Panics, Wyatt Won’t Attend Wedding, Liam Tells Hope

Katy WinnAP Images

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Monday, July 30 features Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) who confronted Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) about what Wyatt (Darin Brooks) had told him about her and Bill (Don Diamont). According to She Knows Soaps, the sight of Bill’s sword necklace around his daughter’s neck really irked him. Steffy told him that she had tried the whole love fairytale thing, but in the end, she had wised up. Soap Central reports that even after she had given him everything, and given him a daughter, Liam (Scott Clifton) had hooked up with Hope (Annika Noelle) while she was looking after their daughter.

Ridge persisted in telling her that she was not going to marry Bill, but Steffy said she was done with Liam and walking on eggshells only to be reminded of her past mistakes. She told her father that she and Spencer had cut a deal; she would get his 12.5 percent Forrester shares in return for wedding him. She said that she was getting their company back, but Ridge was adamant that he didn’t care about the shares. He wanted her to forgive Liam as he had forgiven her, or to at least stay single. But Steffy would not budge and said that she would marry Bill. Ridge said that he had been protecting her since she was born and he would not stop now.

Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Bill was positively glowing when Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Justin (Aaron D. Spears) came over. He said that Steffy was the reason that he was so cheerful, and Justin said that he had rather lost his mind. Bill said that he was going to marry Steffy as soon as possible which left Wyatt wondering why Steffy was so open to tying the knot so quickly. Justin points out that the shares probably have something to do with it, but Bill believes that is an investment in his future. Wyatt said that he will be missing the wedding and wanted to remain neutral. He told his father that by marrying Steffy, it would be the final nail in the coffin for his relationship with Liam.

Bill admits that Wyatt is probably correct, but that Liam sealed his own fate and he is about to do the same. He also said that Liam will end up with Hope again. He had a message for Wyatt and Justin, and that was never to give up. Justin said that buying yourself into a marriage could not be a good start, while Wyatt again refused to attend. Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Bill was fed up with their negativity.

Liam was at Wyatt’s beach house, gathering himself after the confrontation with Bill and Steffy. He had summoned Hope and she appeared. She thought that things didn’t go well with Steffy because he was at Liam’s. He proceeded to fill her in about how Steffy had sought Bill out after catching them together. He also told Hope that the pair were getting married and opined how sick it was that Bill would be a father to his own granddaughter. He said that Bill had shown up when he was begging her not to let Bill ruin her life. Instead, Steffy went to stand next to Bill as a united front. Hope told Liam that he wasn’t alone and the pair hugged. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.