Todd McKenney’s Ex-Boyfriend Wants To Marry His Sister

Cameron SpencerGetty Images

Former Dancing with the Stars judge Todd McKenney dropped a bomb when he told the public what happened with his ex-boyfriend. According to an Australian News article, McKenney was a guest on the Word For Word podcast with Ben Norris from Joy 94.9 and told Norris that his ex went on to marry his sister.

“She married my ex-boyfriend … so we have a weird relationship,” McKenney said about his sister, Lisa, “She married my ex-boyfriend and is still married to my ex-boyfriend but just has never mentioned it to me. It’s weird isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about it publicly.”

McKenney told the podcast that he dated singer and musical theatre producer Simon Gallaher for five years when he was younger who then married his sister.

“We did Pirates Of Penzance together … then we split up. I went on with my life and he went on with his,” The Boy From Oz star continued to explain.

It wasn’t until he found out from other performers that Gallaher started dating his sister.

McKenney continued his explanation, “I remember I was doing Cats and there was a newspaper banner outside the newsagency, and it said, ‘Simon’s love child. I didn’t know anything about that but I got into my dressing room and the other guys in the show said, ‘What about Simon and Lisa?’ And I went, ‘Which Simon?’ They said, ‘Simon Gallaher.’ I said, ‘Lisa who?’ And they said, ‘Your sister!’ I went, ‘What?!’ I didn’t even know they knew each other. They got married and have got three kids and I’m close to their kids.”

Turns out McKenney is fine with it too. He recently decided to talk about it because he was “sick of not.” He also waited until the children were older so they wouldn’t be in the public eye. “For the sake of them I haven’t said it, but they’re grown up now and I get on with them and they know the stories now,” he said.

Truthfully, McKenney and his sister were never close. He compares their relationship to “chalk and cheese” on the podcast.

McKenney is currently playing Frank N Furter in Rocky Horror in Melbourne and was on the podcast to promote his performances. He is most famous for being a judge on the Australian Dancing with the Stars.