Real-Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova And Real-Life Ken Hate Each Other

Real-life Barbie and real-life Ken aren’t exactly soul-mates. In fact, they hate each other!

You remember the story of 23-year-old Valeria Lukyanova, the girl who got a bunch of plastic surgery and uses more Photoshop than Cosmopolitan to make herself look like a living, breathing Barbie doll, don’t you? You may have missed a few stories in the media cycle about her real-life Ken doll contemporary, a 32-year-old man named Justin Jedlica.

Jedlica’s story is pretty much the same as Lukyanova’s, reports MSN. He’s had some plastic surgery and uses a lot of makeup to attain the look of Barbie’s long-time boyfriend, Ken.

These two crazy kids met recently for a New York photo shoot, but, despite sharing a narcissistic obsession to look like a flawless, living copy of a popular Mattel toy, they really don’t have anything in common. Except for a burning hatred of each other.

The Sun reports that the two instantly disliked each other, even hurling insults openly at each others plastic faces.

“Much of her look is added make-up, fake hair and slimming corsets. Drag queens have put on the same illusions for years,” opined Jedlica.

“Justin said bad things about me but he had more than 90 operations, while I had only one,” Lukyanova retorted. “I am not hiding that I’ve had plastic surgery. I had breast implants because I want to be perfect. He would do better not to comment on who is plastic and who is not. I think he is handsome man — but he overdid his lips.”

Sounds to me like they’re in the midst of a bitter divorce, and Lukyanova has already made off with the couple’s Barbie Dream House and Barbie Glam Convertible.