July 30, 2018
Jerry Jones Called Out For What Is Seen As Hypocritical Demand On National Anthem For His Players

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, has been taking a lot of flack for his saying there will be zero tolerance for any player who doesn't stand during the National Anthem before each game during this upcoming football season. Now the owner is being called out by Dallas-based sportscaster Dale Hansen of ABC affiliate WFAA for not only using it as an intimidation tactic but also for his own hypocrisy, reports Deadspin.

"Jones and his son Stephen were saying the other day that any player who takes a knee and doesn't toe the line during the national anthem won't be playing for the Dallas Cowboys anymore. It's incredible to me that a player can beat up a woman and play for the Dallas Cowboys, a player can use illegal drugs, time and time again, and still play, but you take a knee to protest the racial injustice in America and now you've crossed a line that he will not allow."
But the real hypocrisy he noticed had to do with seeing Jones as the National Anthem was being played, and noticing what Jones did.

"Jones loves and respects the national anthem so much that when it was being played before the start of practice Saturday, he left his cap on. And when he was told about the mistake he was making, he still left his cap on."

Hansen wasn't the only one fed up with the Cowboys owner. According to Jones himself, the NFL said he should stop talking about the league's yet-to-be-determined policy for the National Anthem, but they aren't the only ones upset with him. Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens had some choice words for his former boss, as previously reported by Inquisitr. He went so far as to call him a bully for his latest tactics to squelch players' rights to engage in peaceful protest about police brutality.
Owens feels that what Jones is doing is "totally wrong," according to a tweet from Fox Sports Radio on Sunday.

"You're basically stripping someone of their right to do what they want do in a peaceful protest," Owens said. "To put guys in a situation where they have to do something, that's not right, that's totally wrong."

This isn't the first time they've clashed. Ownes, who was a Cowboy for three seasons, was part of the Hall of Fame class of 2018 but skipped the ceremony to protest the voting process. At the time, Jones said publicly that it was a "mistake."