Barack Obama, Joe Biden Together Again: Bromance Between Former President, Vice President Continues

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Barack Obama and Joe Biden may no longer be running the country and giving meme creators new material on the daily, but they just publicly reunited for a bite of lunch and they drew quite the crowd. The former president and vice president may have just been gathering for a couple of sandwiches with one another, but the two were not able to fly under the radar and it is clear that the bromance between the two has continued without missing a beat.

TMZ shares the video of Joe Biden and Barack Obama hitting the Dog Tag Bakery in Washington, D.C., for lunch. The Dog Tag Bakery describes itself as a “living business school” that helps military families, veterans, and caregivers gain valuable work experience and work toward life fulfillment both professionally and personally.

It seems that Obama and Biden’s visit caught everybody at the lunch hot spot off guard, but it was a fantastic surprise for those who happened to be there. The two men are said to have ordered a fennel salad, a ham and gruyere sandwich along with a turkey and brie sandwich, plus a brownie, a chocolate chip cookie, and a mint-basil olive oil cake.

The former president and vice president weren’t in a hurry, though, as they are said to have taken the time to recognize each of the former service members who were at the bakery. In addition, they reportedly did plenty of hand-shaking and selfie-taking. The Washington Post details that the visit was arranged on very short notice, as the bakery’s chief executive Meghan Ogilvie was contacted by Secret Service about the visit about six minutes before the men arrived.

Ogilvie quickly worked to make sure all 13 of their fellows were there so they could each meet Obama and Biden, and she says that it was a “phenomenal scene” as the former president and vice president listened to each fellow’s stories. Both men were dressed casually in button-down shirts and khakis, with no ties, and it seems that Barack joked about how Joe was going to be paying the tab.

A big crowd gathered inside the bakery as the two men ordered, ate, and mingled, and a sizable group was waiting for them outside once they finished as well. Ogilvie said that it was an uplifting moment for everybody there and it certainly looks like Barack and Joe enjoyed their visit.

It’s certainly not every day that people see the former president and vice president together anymore. Based on the reaction of those at the Dog Tag Bakery on Monday, it’s clear that both Barack Obama and Joe Biden are still very much loved and seriously missed.

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