Chipotle Giving Away Free Guac Tomorrow In Honor Of National Avocado Day

Brace yourselves, Chipotle fans! To celebrate the cherished event of National Avocado Day, the taco giant is giving away free guacamole on Tuesday, July 31. In a recent press release from the taco retailer, Chipotle shared that for one day and one day only, their customers will have the opportunity to score free guacamole, which has become one of their most popular menu items.

"Our fresh, homemade guacamole has a massive fan following. We want to show our love for the avocado and reward our customers' guac obsession. Plus, it's a major bonus that you can skip the line when you order ahead with our app or at"
All fans will need to do to cash in on the offer is create an account either on the Chipotle mobile app or at Once customers log in, they can select an entree. After that, they can choose to add guac as either an add-on, a side item, or as a regular order of chips with guac. Once everything is loaded into the shopping bag, customers can check out and enter the promo code AVOCADO to score the free guacamole with their purchase of any entree.

There are just a few conditions that apply to this deal. For example, it's a limit of one per customer. Fans must also purchase an entree to cash in on the deal. Lastly, the purchase must be made either online or on the Chipotle app and cannot be redeemed in-store. And as news of the free guac is spreading like wildfire, it comes as no shock that Chipotle enthusiasts have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the taco giant's most recent news.

"Chipotle is giving away free guac with any entree online order!! U BEST BELIEVE IMMA GET SOME EXTRA GUAC."
"Chipotle is offering free guac tomorrow for National Guacamole Day if you order through their app and use code AVOCADO, RT to save a life," another fan tweeted.

"National Avocado Day is like millennial Christmas. This year it lands on Tuesday, July 31, and Chipotle restaurants around the U.S. will be celebrating by giving away free sides of guacamole with any entree. That's right — for one magical day at Chipotle, guac will not be extra," one more wrote.

This good news comes just days after it was revealed that Cardi B will get a free supply of chips and guac for life. According to Billboard, the rapper recently posted a briefcase filled with a ton of stacks of free chips and guacamole cards on her Instagram account, revealing that after the birth of her daughter, Kulture, Chipotle gifted her with free chips and guac for life.

Best post-birth present ever?