‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Desperately Tries To Save Baby Wiley, Lucas Deals With Confusion

Viewers are bracing themselves over General Hospital spoilers that hint that Tuesday’s episode could be a tough one. Michael and Nelle’s car accident involved Obrecht and the authorities transporting her, and Nelle went into labor as she left Michael trapped in the car with a gas leak. Brad was home with Baby Wiley and he faced potential heartbreak when he went to give the baby a bottle and found him not breathing. Where are things headed in the July 31 episode?

During the next show, General Hospital spoilers detail that Brad will do CPR on Wiley and beg him to start breathing again. Many viewers had speculated that Brad and Wiley would be in the car that Michael and Nelle hit, and fans were momentarily relieved when they saw Brad at home with the baby. Now, however, people are bracing themselves for a soap baby death after all.

Up until this point, Lucas has been stuck in surgery and didn’t know anything about the baby’s biological mother giving birth already. General Hospital spoilers reveal that during Tuesday’s episode, he will finally emerge from surgery and it seems that Julian will tell him the big news. However, he’ll be pretty confused as he tries to wrap his head around the reveal.

Back at the scene of the accident, Nelle ran into Obrecht in the woods and pleaded with Liesl to help her since she was going into labor. Obrecht ended up agreeing to help Nelle, and Sonny was desperately trying to save Michael from the car before it could explode. General Hospital spoilers hint that Michael’s facing more problems in Tuesday’s show, but he and Sonny will make it away from the car before it explodes.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Michael will be dealing with disappointment during the next episode. This could mean a lot of different things, and fans will have to tune in to see if it’s related to the baby, Nelle getting away, or the confession he managed to snag before the crash.

Nelle may be off in the woods with Liesl, but she’s not gone for good. Soon she’ll be refusing to listen to someone and next week she’s said to be taunting or gloating over something. Soap Central adds that as these two storylines progress, Jordan will have plenty of questions while Chase will step up to take full responsibility for everything.

In addition, Brad is going to be quite distracted in the days ahead. Some might think that’s an interesting tease, as if Wiley were to die, people would think Brad would be more than distracted. At this point, there don’t seem to be any General Hospital spoilers available that spill any detailed scoop on Wiley or Nelle’s baby.

Fans have been anticipating a baby switch storyline of some sort here for the past few months. However, the majority of the show’s fans are already making it clear they will not be happy if Wiley dies and somehow Obrecht or Brad steal Nelle’s baby to pass him off as Wiley.

The show threw people already with the latest developments in the Brad and Lucas storyline, and with any luck, the show will do it again with a positive development on the baby’s health crisis. Executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that by the end of Monday’s episode, someone would no longer be alive, and many quickly assumed he was referencing the baby.

Some fans have replied saying that if he’s referencing Wiley with that post, it’s a pretty morbid one. Others have noted that it easily could be one of the officers in the transport van who died, thus not a terribly big deal for Frank to joke about.

Where do things head now? The buzz has been that Chloe Lanier is leaving the role of Nelle soon, but based on existing General Hospital spoilers it sounds as if she lives through the aftermath of the accident and childbirth. Will the show really kill off Wiley and introduce a baby twist or will fans soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief with that kind of twist not happening? Stay tuned for additional teasers and don’t miss the episode airing on July 31 to see what comes next.