AJ Lee Is Running Away With WWE Poll For ‘Evolution’ Appearance That Includes Stacy Keibler

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

On October 28, 2018, the triumvirate of Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon are rolling the dice on WWE Evolution, which will be the first all-female WWE pay-per-view event. While the WWE has had significant success promoting cards with only male wrestlers, or with two or three women’s matches tossed in, this 180 on an already successful format is a bit of a risk. In order to make this something that people actually want to pay for as a stand-alone event, they have had to make it a night of epic proportions, which means something old, something new, and a lot of action.

While some details about the show are still under wraps, it is known that every women’s title in the WWE is going to be defended in one event, which has never happened before. That means the NXT, Smackdown, and RAW championships are all in play. The Mae Young Classic will be concluded during WWE Evolution as well, an event that is being heavily hyped right now. As for something old, Triple H and the McMahons have decided to bring back some favorite female wrestlers from the past. While some have already been signed to appear, it looks like one or more will come from a fan poll the WWE is currently running.

Trish Stratus, Lita, and Beth Phoenix are already signed to make their return, but who they will be wrestling has not been announced yet. From a poll that includes AJ Lee, Stacy Keibler, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Molly Holly, and others, AJ Lee is running away with the lead with 67 percent of the vote, according to Wrestling News. Beth Phoenix who is appearing anyway has 8 percent, and Stacy Keibler has 7 percent. Unfortunately, that might all mean very little when it comes time to hold the event.

Stacy Keibler recently gave birth to her second child and may not be available to appear in three months. AJ Lee likely has the time for the event, but as her husband, CM Punk, just finalized a lawsuit against WWE doctor Chris Amann, there are doubts she may want to return. Furthermore, as Sportster pointed out, she has not wrestled in three years due to injuries sustained wrestling and may not return on those grounds.

That would leave the likely “winner” of the poll being either Kelly, McCool, or Molly Holly who currently are fluctuating between 4 and 5 percent of the vote each. While WWE Evolution looks great on paper and has some big names coming back, the most wanted performers may be sitting it out, regardless of what the fans want.