Meghan Markle Fears Her Father Will Show Up In London Uninvited, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Thomas Markle is once again publicly provoking his daughter Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, in an attempt to get her to speak to him. The latest threat is that he will show up in London unannounced in order to force a meeting. In the past few weeks, he has said if Meghan will speak to him, he will stop giving revealing interviews to the media.

Hollywood Life says that Meghan Markle is worried that her father will live up to his word and jump on a plane to England. If this did happen, it could be the end of any relationship between the father and daughter during this rough patch according to a friend.

“If Meghan’s dad follows through with his threats to show up in London to try and force a meeting with her will no doubt turn into a massive media spectacle. Meghan’s trying so hard to fit into the royal family, the last thing she needs is for her dad to create that kind of scene. She’s terrified of any more embarrassment and very anxious about what he’ll do or say next.”

At this time, it is assumed that Thomas Markle is saying these things for shock value, but his other daughter (Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha) seems to be right beside him with the threats toward Meghan and the royal family.

Many people believe Thomas Markle is being manipulated, but the Duchess believes he has more sense than to show up at her door. Still, the media attack is upsetting.

“Meghan doesn’t believe her dad will actually follow through with his plan to come to the UK unannounced. She’s sure he was manipulated into saying it for shock value. That’s one of the most horrifying things about these setup interviews her dad is doing. Meghan can clearly see how people are using and manipulating her dad. It makes her so sad.”

This weekend Thomas Markle made it clear that if things don’t get better, he would certainly jump on a plane.

“If I chose in a month, or couple of months, to go to En­g­land —I want to see my daughter. I’m thinking about it. I don’t care whether she is pi**ed off at me or not… I’m not going to wave flags and make a fool of my­self. I’d find a hotel room and try to reach them.”

Over the weekend Markle also brought up his past drug use over the years, saying that he used drugs when Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was a child. Thomas Markle seems to have volunteered this information out of the blue, saying that he no longer uses drugs and rarely drinks.