Rihanna Teases New River Island Fashion Line [Video]

If you’re a fan of Rihanna’s taste in fashion (when she’s wearing clothes that is), then you’re in for a treat.

Together with co-designer Adam Selman — and costume designer for the 24-year-old — the duo have put together a fashion line for high street chain River Island.

The Unapologetic one will debut her first-ever collection with River Island at London Fashion Week on February 16, E! reports.

Previewing her collection via Vogue UK, Rihanna explained the reasons behind her long-held fashionista aspirations.

“I have wanted to design my own fashion label for a very long time,” said the Bajan star.

She adds:

“This has been something I wanted to do ever since I started loving fashion. Every time I saw something on a rack there was something I wanted to do to change it and so I thought that the only way I could do that is by designing the perfect thing for me.”

Elaborating on the inspiration for the range, the “Diamonds” singer revealed:

“My style is definitely inspired by my mood, so this collection will definitely have a range of different moods, different attitudes,” then adds that her clothes are aimed at “sassy personalities” and “all body types.”

“I wanted all types of girls to really want to wear this and feel comfortable in it but still feel edgy,” Rihanna continues. “I wanted character to come out in the clothes without trying too hard.”

Rihanna River Island fashion line

Defiantly, the songstress observes:

“The kids say what’s cool and the designers go and design it. Why not go to the source when you want to be ahead of the trend? I wanted to create something that’s inspirational, new and fresh – that’s why I wanted to work with River Island.”

Check out Rihanna’s Vogue tour of her design studio with co-designer Adam Selman below. The “Rihanna for River Island” line hits stores on March 5.

Are you excited to see what it looks like?