Colton Underwood ‘Triggered’ By Discussion Of Virginity On ‘Bachelorette Men Tell All,’ Talks Feeling Ashamed

Paul HebertABC

Monday night, Bachelorette fans will be watching the Men Tell All special and it sounds as if Colton Underwood will be heavily featured. The fact that he is still a virgin was a significant storyline this season and based on spoilers regarding the upcoming MTA, it seems that the topic will be coming up again. Underwood opened up about the range of feelings he’s experienced over all of this and it sounds as if they’ve run the gamut.

As was shared previously by the Inquisitr, fellow Bachelorette contestant Jean Blanc reportedly referenced Colton Underwood’s virginity in a very derogatory manner during the Men Tell All taping. Colton says it was hard for him to remain restrained when it happened, and he’s received a mix of reactions to his revelation this season that he’s still a virgin.

Underwood told ET Online that some of the comments that came up at the Men Tell All, and it seems that Jean Blanc’s jab falls into this category, “really triggered something in me.” While he may have felt triggered in a sense, it seems that overall, the Bachelorette contestant felt good about where things are at for him and what the topic has prompted this season in terms of discussions.

Colton notes that he feels he “spoke his truth” at the Men Tell All and he’s glad this has provided an opportunity for a dialogue with others. Underwood also says that this has been therapeutic and he reveals that a number of other athletes have reached out to him to share that they were going through something similar and wish they knew at the time what he was experiencing.

People shares a sneak peek into Colton’s time in the hot seat during the upcoming Men Tell All. Underwood gets emotional as he explains that he’s gone through a lot with this situation, noting that growing up as an athlete and a virgin was challenging. The Bachelorette star says that he created a lot of lies to keep others from learning the truth about his virginity.

“But growing up, being an athlete, it’s something that I was ashamed of because it was so openly talked about in our community. I wasn’t true to who I was, and I feel like people think I’m less of a man because of that. And that’s the hardest thing for me to hear.”

Underwood may have gone to a lot of effort to keep his virginity a secret prior to doing the Bachelorette, but he says now he’s been able to be true to who he is and grow as a person. Colton also details that he’s not necessarily waiting for marriage, but that he’s waiting for someone who matches his intensity and who he’s madly in love with before he goes down that road.

Will Colton Underwood find that right person this summer on Bachelor in Paradise? The Bachelorette star has noted that if he’s still single after his journey in Mexico, he’d probably be open to being the next Bachelor lead and fans will surely have a lot to say about this topic after his appearance on Monday’s Men Tell All special.