Bigfoot Erotica Is Now An Issue In Virginia’s Election, Thanks To A Tweet From Denver Riggleman’s Opponent

Bigfoot erotica – yes, that’s apparently a thing – is on the minds of Virginia’s voters now, thanks to a tweet from a candidate that accuses her opponent of being a fan of the, er, specific form of porn.

It’s the oldest trick in the politicians’ book: accuse your opponent of something salacious, ridiculous, and unverifiable, and hope your supporters fall for it. And now it appears to have been used by Leslie Cockburn, a Democrat who is facing off against Republican Denver Riggleman.

As The New York Daily News explains, on Sunday, Cockburn tweet two screenshots of images supposedly taken from Riggleman’s Instagram account. One image showed a drawing of the mythical beast, with a certain part of his anatomy censored, with a caption from Riggleman supposedly indicating that it’s cover art for an upcoming Bigfoot erotica book that he’s either writing, collaborating on, or planning on reading – it’s not clear. Also not clear is how Cockburn came across those postings, as Riggleman’s Instagram account is set to private (meaning that only people approved by him can see his posts).

Another image shows Riggleman’s face superimposed on Bigfoot’s body, again with the more salacious anatomical bits censored out.

Now, you probably have some questions.

Is Bigfoot Erotica Really A Thing?

Rule 36 famously says that if you can imagine it, there’s probably porn devoted to it. And in the case of Bigfoot Erotica, yes, it’s real. There’s a whole genre of “Monster Erotica,” and Bigfoot erotica is a sub-genre. Its most famous contributor is Virginia Wade, whose Namaste With Sasquatch series is reportedly huge in the community.

Is Denver Riggleman a Fan?

Probably not, although if he is, so what? Nevertheless, Riggleman says that the whole thing is an ongoing joke between him and his military buddies, playing out on Instagram. According to The Charlottesville Daily Progress, he never thought those images would be used against him, and he called the notion that he’s a fan of Bigfoot erotica “absurd.”

As it turns out, though, Riggleman did write a book about Bigfoot. Bigfoot Exterminators Inc. The Partially Cautionary, Mostly True Tale of Monster Hunt 2006 is about people looking for the mythical beast. He assures the newspaper that there is nothing erotic about the book.

Why Does Leslie Cockburn Think This Is Important?

As she said in her tweet, she apparently thinks this is an indication of her opponent’s character, and that Virginia voters need to be aware. Her campaign manager, Louise Bruce, agrees.

“Leslie has been traveling throughout the district meeting with real people about real issues that matter to them. Meanwhile, Mr. Riggleman is home scrubbing his social media of ‘Bigfoot erotica’ and who knows what else.”

Cockburn has also accused her opponent of having white supremacist ties, although Riggleman has written an op-ed piece against the movement.