Meghan Markle Loves French Fries, Prince George Digs Pizza: Here Are The Royal Family’s Favorite Foods

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Meghan Markle loves french fries, and her nephew Prince George loves pizza! The royal family’s favorite foods have been revealed, and surprisingly, they mostly have the same preferences that regular people have.

As This Is Insider reports, though the royals may have access to the best chefs in the world and the freshest ingredients in England, their food preferences are surprisingly mundane. Queen Elizabeth, for example, could have eggs Benedict expertly prepared by multiple-star Michelin chef every morning for breakfast; instead, she prefers Special K with fruit.

Here are the Mountbatten-Windsors’ favorite foods.

What The Younger Kids Like

As mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, Prince George, who will one day succeed his father as the King of England, is all about pizza. In fact, in an interview earlier this year with People, his mom, Kate, said that she and her son enjoy some mother-son bonding time in the kitchen, making pizza dough from scratch. Princess Charlotte gets in on the fun, too.

“They love it because they can get their hands messy.”

Like her brother, Princess Charlotte also likes pizza, and she’s also shown a fondness for pasta. And of course, Prince Louis is too young to have developed a taste for anything besides milk and formula.

William, Kate, Harry, And Meghan

The future King of England, Prince William, probably has the most English tastes of the family: He likes a good roast, although he says he’s not a particularly good cook. And he likes his beef rare. Kate, like so many Londoners, is a fan of Indian curry. In fact, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, she and her husband often order takeout, and usually order from one of London’s hundreds of curry places (although they don’t have Uber Eats deliver to Kensington Palace; rather, they send one of their staffers out to get it).

Meghan Markle, as you read in the title of this article, is a fan of french fries (“I could eat them all day”). Prince Harry, on the other hand, has developed a sweet tooth. Specifically, says former royal chef Darren McGrady, Harry likes his (McGrady’s) caramel banana cake recipe.

The Older Generation

Like his son William, Charles is a fan of simple English foods, his wife Camilla told MasterChef Australia judge Gary Mehigan. Eggs over a bed of local vegetables will bring a smile to the future king’s face, according to People.

Queen Elizabeth, as mentioned above, likes Special K with fruit. Her husband, Prince Philip, was born into European royalty and has been the Consort of the Queen of England for decades. Nevertheless, his favorite food is a wholly American tradition: barbecue. According to royal insiders, he likes to tend to the charcoal grill himself, grilling up burgers, steaks, and sausages.