Harvey Weinstein Admits He Didn’t Market ‘The Master’ Well

Not one to readily admit to defeat, producer mogul Harvey Weinstein spoke to Deadline about a plethora of things, but mostly the Oscars. During that discussion Weinstein admits the obvious — The Master failed, or at least it failed to capture an audience.

It was a contender in September for the Oscars. The buzz grew around Joaquin Phoenix’ soon-to-be Oscar win. Amid an awkward quote from Phoenix about his thoughts on the award ceremony, and the lack of promotion, The Master failed to receive a ton of nominations across the board for award ceremonies.

Weinstein blames that on the obvious — the marketing of the film, which as a producer he was in full charge of. Although Harvey still has his horse in the race in the form of Silver Linings Playbook, he admitted to Deadline’s Mike Flemming that things could have went better.

Weinstein opened up about the issue surrounding The Master by admitting:

“I probably could have marketed it better. I probably should have prepared the audience. I think the audience had trouble with the movie and needed to be guided and eased into it. I was so enamored with the film that I didn’t think the audience would have that trouble. Maybe I would have done [Paul] more of a favor being a devil’s advocate instead of a cheerleader. I seem to do better when I’m playing devil’s advocate.”

Still, we can’t be too hard on Harvey Weinstein. He does still have Silver Linings Playbook, a few nominations for Django Unchained, and a record for pushing a lot of his films as Oscar frontrunners.

Did you go to see The Master?