Giuliana Rancic Shares Hot Bikini Pic Hoping Summer Will Never End

Giuliana Rancic let everyone on Instagram know that she is not ready for the summer to end. The Italian-American beauty who is set to return to television this September is packing in all the summer fun she can before it is back to the daily grind again. Rancic has been posting quite a few shots lately that seem to back up her latest photo caption which read, “Thinking how I never want this summer to end…” By the looks of it, this summer has been full of life on the lake, boating, running, swimming, time with the kids, and looking very toned, tanned, and ready to get back in front of the camera.

Rancic can be seen in her latest photo wearing a red one-piece bikini, with a ballcap and a cool pair of shades protecting her peepers. She is striking an unintentionally sexy pose, leaned back just enough to show she has remained very slim, with one long leg tucked under her, and the other outstretched in front of her. She wistfully stares off in the distance at the coastline beyond calm, dark blue waters that invite reflection. She is wearing her hair long and loose and is adorned with only a ring and a few bracelets, as she serenely floats over the calm lake waters as if she is no rush to reach her destination.

Thinking how I never want this summer to end...✨

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Rancic has been taking time off to spend with family and get a little break from the fast-paced life that living in the spotlight can be, as she told the women on The View in a recent interview. Rancic wasn’t completely out of the spotlight, however, as she did return to cover the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as a few red carpet events of her choosing. When Maria Menounos, and then her replacement Cat Sadler left, it opened the door for Rancic to return to the network full-time, which she seems eager to do based on her interview with Variety.

“Returning to host E! News is every bit as thrilling to me today as it was 16 years ago when I joined the show and embarked on this wonderful career. Co-hosting alongside one of my best friends, Jason Kennedy, with one of the most talented teams in entertainment journalism, makes this move even more special. I can’t wait to reconnect with the E! News audience and go on this journey together once again.”