Do we owe Vince Young an apology?

The great thing about sports is that players are often given the chance to come back, and prove all of us wrong. I am not the only sports writer that was willing to write off Vince Young as a run first, poor passing technique draft pick that was never going to be able to run a NFL offense. For most of his professional career he has been just that. However, after being benched in favor of Kerry Collins it seemed that his days as a NFL starter were over. When Collins faltered the team turned once again to Young, and he has stepped up and delivered big time.

Since being named the starter in week eight, and faced with a 0-6 record the Titans have yet to lose a game this season in which Vince Young was their starter. Sure the play of Chris Johnson is certainly a factor in that, but this would not be a 5-6 team, looking to make a strong run at the NFL post season without Young at the helm.

I never would have though that Young could stand in a NFL pocket and pass the ball, or be the field general that every NFL teams needs. In watching the game yesterday versus the Arizona Cardinals Young was exactly that. He went 27/43 for 387 yards, a TD, and no interceptions. On top of that he only attempted 4 rushes.

If the Titans want to remain in the hunt for the playoffs they will have to rely on Young performing like that in the weeks to come. To have a legitimate shot they will need to win four of their last five games. They get two pretty easy games with St. Louis and Seattle, and intermediate challenge against the Miami Dolphins, and two difficult tests in the Indianapolis Colts, and San Diego Chargers. If Young can continue this high level of play it seems likely they could have an outside chance at a wild card spot.

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