Tori Roloff Shares The Real Side Of Parenting In Instagram Photo

Tori RoloffInstagram

Tori Roloff shared a snap on Instagram of her “real mom moment,” her son, covered in poop, for all the moms in the world to see.

Beginning her post by acknowledging that she might get “mom shamed” for what happened, Roloff continued by saying that she did not care because she was sharing for other moms who feel overwhelmed as well. She was also hoping to give fans a good laugh.

“Started out with my husband waking up sick,” Roloff wrote about her husband Zach, 26. “He threw up on our front porch.” After going into their house, Roloff heard her son, Jackson awake in his crib. Thinking he rest quietly after waking up, she gave him some time.

Walking into her one-year-old son’s room, Roloff said she noticed something on his face. Thinking it was blood or something else, she began panicking.

“As I moved in closer the smell overcame me. I noticed brown all over his sheets and crib -and oh ya- that’s poop…IN HIS HAIR!”

After realizing her son was covered in poop, the 26-year-old mom went to bathe him only to remember the hot water in their home is not working and had to drive to another house to bathe him. She said she hopes the post helps someone else’s bad day.

Warning new moms not to make the same mistake she did, the Little People Big World star hoped tomorrow would not be worse than today considering it involved both vomit and poop. Laughing, after scrubbing the crib and putting Jackson to bed, Roloff said she hoped everyone’s day was better than hers.

“First time parents: Never. Ever. Under any circumstances. Put your child to bed in just a diaper. Just do not do it.”

Fans across Instagram gathered to thank Roloff for her realness and to encourage her to keep going.

“No mom shaming here, just hugs and a high five,” one fan wrote.

Roloff has long since been the victim of mom-shaming on social media after posting a video of her son, Jackson, rolling around in his crib after a nap. Many fans had their own opinion on the way she should parent her child, saying Roloff was putting her child in danger.

Clapping back at fans, Roloff has begun placing “disclaimers” before certain photos as well as asking not to be called a “perfect parent.” She warns that too much commentary will keep her from sharing special family moments with long-time fans.

Roloff continues to be a fresh taste of “realness” for moms across the world.