‘Infinity War’ Directors Joe And Anthony Russo Are Working On A Secret TV Project For Amazon

Charley GallayGetty Images

Joe and Anthony Russo, the brilliant directors behind Avengers: Infinity War, are currently working on a project for Amazon studios, according to Entertainment Weekly. There’s no word yet on what this secret project is going to be about, but the show is reportedly 100 percent in the works and was sold to Amazon by the brothers.

Amazon Studios has been tight-lipped about what the project entails, with their description being more than vague.

“The origin mothership series will function as a fire-starter to ignite the creation of multiple original local language and local production series. All of the local series are meant to enhance the entire entertainment experience and will be available for the viewer to deep dive into an imagined layered world.”

No matter the project, the Russo brothers will be able to handle it no problem as the directors have a wide array of past projects under their belt. The brothers have five episodes of the cult-classic Arrested Development to their name, with their first major motion picture being You, Me & Dupree starring Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson, and Matt Dillion back in 2006.

After directing episodes of Happy Endings and Community, they landed the director chairs in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. With critics rallying around the second Captain America flick, the duo was signed on for the third film in the trilogy: Civil War. It didn’t take long for Marvel Studios to realize they were the only options for Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers 4, set to debut next May.

“The Russo Brothers have impacted the pop culture barometer of creative excellence with their vision for both Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War. They brought a level of scale and execution to those films that has raised the bar for audiences everywhere and we can’t wait for them to do the same for us on this project for our Amazon Prime Customer. We are thrilled to be working with Joe and Anthony Russo and their AGBO Studios as they build this incredible, multifaceted, international franchise,” Amazon said of the brothers.

The project couldn’t be more vague or mysterious, including the release date which is completely unknown. It’s not even confirmed what sort of role the brothers will be playing in production, whether as writers, directors, or producers. For now, fans of the directors will have to wait and see what’s to come of this very mysterious Amazon project.