Donald Trump Says Journalists Are ‘Very Unpatriotic’ For Covering Government Operations

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On Sunday, Donald Trump released a series of tweets criticizing the media for reporting the inner happenings of the government. Trump has had a tempestuous relationship with journalists throughout his presidency and has often encouraged his supporters to rally against the media and journalists. Trump is also known for labeling journalists and media outlets as fake news.

Last week, the White House banned CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from covering an open-press event, as reported by The Hill. Trump banned Collins after she asked numerous questions regarding Trump’s relationship with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney.

As seen below in his tweets, Trump released a barrage of posts and called the media and journalists “very unpatriotic” for revealing “internal deliberations of our government.” He also stated that media coverage of his administration is negative even though they’re achieving positive results, as documented by The Hill.

The President tweeted:

“90% of media coverage of my Administration is negative, despite the tremendously positive results we are achieving, it’s no surprise that confidence in the media is at an all time low!”

He followed this with another tweet:

“I will not allow our great country to be sold out by anti-Trump haters in the dying newspaper industry. No matter how much they try to distract and cover it up, our country is making great progress under my leadership and I will never stop fighting for the American people!”

Photo of Donald Trump.
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Trump also tweeted that the failing New York Times and the Washington Post do nothing but write bad stories even on very positive accomplishments. Trump tweeted that when the media reveals the internal deliberations of our government, it endangers the lives of many, and not just journalists.

On July 20, A.G. Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times, met with Trump, who claims the two discussed the President’s belief that the media has become the “enemy of the people,” as documented by The Hill. The meeting was off the record, but once Trump admitted that he met with the New York Times publisher, Sulzberger issued a statement.

The Hill reported that Sulzberger’s statement says that he warned Trump that his seditious language is contributing to a rise in threats against journalists and that it will lead to violence. The New York Times publisher said that he warned Trump that his rhetoric is putting lives at risk and that his language was undermining the democratic ideals of the United States. Sulzberger added that Trump’s inflammatory language is eroding one of America’s greatest exports: “a commitment to free speech and a free press.”