Soulja Boy Is Now Trolling Rudy Giuliani On Twitter

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

Twitter often makes strange bedfellows and this morning it brought together rapper Soulja Boy and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani with humorous results. Early in the morning, Giuliani tweeted one word, “you,” and hours later, Soulja Boy responded.

Hollywood Life says that Soulja Boy responded as if he were finishing a sentence, and posted “Crank That Soulja Boy,” referring to his song. HL says that the song is thought to have a sexual connotation:

“Crank That Soulja Boy,” the rapper’s hilarious response read, referring to his song of the same name. The lyrics have been known to indicate some kind of sexual act either with a partner or through self-pleasure so it seems like Soulja was implying the American politician was up late/early and having some fun so he decided to give him some encouragement!”

It’s unclear if Rudy Giuliani meant to just tweet one word, or if it was an accident. Giuliani didn’t elaborate, but a few hours later he tweeted as if nothing else had happened.

“Doing Chris Wallace on Fox and Face The Nation on CBS. I know what’s in the remaining tapes a lot of them. More disgusting deception about not recording. A lot more support for what should be obvious the President did nothing wrong.”


Rudy Giuliani’s strange tweet attracted trolling attention from people all over Twitter, so it doesn’t seem personal or even political that Soulja Boy checked in.

This is reminding people of the time Donald Trump got on Twitter in the middle of the night with a made up word that attracted national attention and bemused many followers. Very late at night, Trump shared a post on Twitter that was stranger than usual.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

Comics, writers, and political media outlets all weighed in to try and figure out what “covfefe” meant, or if it was simply a typo. Heavy said that it was a pretty big mistake if it was a typo:

“That’s quite a typo even for a president who’s been ridiculed for them in the past. The tweet also begs the question, of course, as to what the Leader of the Free World was doing up so late tweeting strange words that no one’s ever heard of before.”

But one of the funnier responding tweets suggested that the “cool kids” have known about “covfefe” for years, and everyone else is still catching on.

“Black folks knew about #Covfefe since ’96, but let one White person tweet about and suddenly it’s trending? Come on, ya’ll,” one Twitter user posted.