‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Has Been Renewed For Season 5

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The first half of Season 4 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead turned out to be brutal as the show lost two of its main characters. Now, as Season 4B is set to premiere on August 12, and with the introduction of five new characters, according to a previous Inquisitr article, some fans are concerned that there will be more devastating losses. However, for those fans who were concerned that AMC was killing everyone off, that now doesn’t seem likely with the network renewing Fear the Walking Dead for a fifth season.

AMC made the renewal announcement for Fear the Walking Dead at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer tour in Beverly Hills on Saturday, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Considering there has been talk of further crossovers between AMC’s two zombie apocalypse series, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, the renewal for Season 5 of Fear does not really come as a great surprise for fans.

When asked at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Fear‘s executive producer, Scott Gimple, revealed the following about the potential for more crossovers between the shows, according to Deadline.

“It’s a shared universe, so it’s possible. I would never tell you at this moment but I want to.”

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead,' Season 5 renewal confirmation, Morgan Jones
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And, already, fans have noticed that some of Althea’s (Maggie Grace) tapes have familiar names on them. As reported in a previous Inquisitr article, AMC has confirmed that Althea has recorded Abraham (Michael Cutlidz) and Eugene’s (Josh McDermitt) story from their time before showing up on The Walking Dead. So, there is already a potential for some sort of new crossover there, at least in flashback as Althea’s meeting with Abraham and Eugene is explored.

However, the official renewal confirmation can at least set fans’ minds at ease so that they can move forward to predicting how the second half of Season 4 will play out.

While there is the potential for more crossovers moving forward into Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead, Scott Gimple still wants the shows to maintain their own identities.

“We want to make sure Fear has its own identity, so the Walker gags are different. Everything that we do we want to make sure you get a different experience.”

Of course, for fans of the hit zombie apocalypse series, they will just have to wait until the return of Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead to find out in which direction the show is heading in Season 5.

Fear the Walking Dead will return to AMC with the second half of Season 4 on August 12. Season 5 of Fear will likely air in 2019.