Tragedy For Kanye West? Yeezy’s Father Is Allegedly Struggling With Stomach Cancer

Harry HowGetty Images

Tragedy may be on the horizon for Kanye West according to a rumor that his father, Ray West, is suffering from stomach cancer.

Ex-stepmother Cheryl Carmichael West recently spoke to gossip site Radar Online about the illness according to The Source.

“His dad is sick with stomach cancer,” she said. “He’s getting treatment and from what I understand the treatments are working.”

She also connected Ray’s illness to Kanye’s breakdown.

“Sometimes you need other events to trigger bigger events,” Cheryl said of Ye’s hospitalization

She added, “It could have triggered something in Kanye because he is super close to his dad after his mom’s death.”

Cheryl claims that Ray was diagnosed in spring 2017, but Kanye has yet to confirm or deny the rumor.

Her interview comes on the heels of Kanye’s Twitter revelation that he has had episodes of severe depression and can relate to late designer Alexander McQueen, who committed suicide in 2010.

McQueen suffered from depression and anxiety for most of his life and hung himself during a rough patch, the Inquisitr reports.

The designer was often referred to as a “genius” and was well respected in his field.

“I know how it feels to want to take your life back into your own hands even if it means taking your own life,” West wrote on Twitter after watching a Showtime documentary on McQueen.

He also tweeted that in order to prevent suicide, “Avoid being around people who make you want to kill yourself.”

He later revealed that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder two years ago.

“I had never been diagnosed until I was 39,” West said to radio host Big Boy. “But like I said on the album, it’s not a disability, it’s a superpower.”

“I did think it all the way through,” West said of the time that he was considering suicide.

“If I didn’t think it all the way through, then it’s actually maybe more of a chance of it happening,” he added.

The rapper cited losing self-confidence as the underlying reason for his suicidal thoughts and credits self-help Guru Tony Robbins for getting him back on track.

West came under fire in April when he vocalized his support for President Trump and conservative commentator Candace Owens, who is the Turning Points USA communications director.

His comments incited vicious social media attacks from the press and onetime fans of the rapper. Despite the bad press, his album still went No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart in June.