Christina Milian Flaunts Weight Loss In Sultry Bikini Selfies

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Christina Milian dialed up the heat in a series of smoking-hot bikini photos she posted to Instagram from tropical Puerto Rico.

In the selfies, Milian showcased her chiseled abs and toned legs and arms in body-hugging bikinis that spotlighted her recent weight loss.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Christina is on location in Puerto Rico shooting season 2 of The Oath, the crime drama featured on Sony Crackle’s streaming-video service.

Milian was recently cast as a series regular and plays a police officer. Rap mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is an executive producer on The Oath.

During her downtime from filming, Milian posts bikini selfies to the delight of her 4.5 million Instagram followers.

Cardio Exercise And Weight Training

The 5-foot-2 singer/actress is in the best shape of her life, thanks to a healthy, portion-controlled diet and regular workouts that combine cardio exercise, calisthenics, hiking, and light weightlifting.

Milian, who turns 37 in September, slimmed down recently. While she has never been overweight, she has streamlined her figure during the past year.

Christina said she has had to work harder to stay slim as she has gotten older, saying it requires more effort to maintain her flat abs and general muscle tone.

Christina is not a gym junkie and says she often has trouble staying motivated to exercise every day. However, she enjoys outdoor workouts that don’t feel so structured.

“I love outdoor workouts,” Milian told Essence. “In L.A., I’ll hike up the Canyons at a steady pace; something that gets my heart rate going. I also like to do a combination of cardio and strength-training. I’ve never really been crazy about boot camps and CrossFit; those are too rough for me.”

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Christina Milian does not believe in deprivation or starvation diets. Her weight loss secrets include a sensible approach to eating that focuses on portion control.

“Salmon and a big salad [is a favorite meal],” she said. “I try not to overeat. I think sometimes we eat with our eyes and our minds, thinking this is the last meal I’m ever going to have.”

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Like many fitness buffs, Christina exercises and eats well because it makes her feel her best. Looking great in a bikini is merely a positive side effect of a healthy lifestyle.

“If I’m not in the right shape, I’m tired,” Milian said. “I don’t have the energy to do the things I like to do, which gets a little bit depressing. Working out is great therapy.”