Man Allegedly Pulls AK-47 On Daughter Over Report Card [Video]

St. Paul, MN — Report card rage apparently broke out in one family.

A parent reportedly got so upset over his daughter’s high school grade-point average that he allegedly pointed an assault rifle at her.

The 15-year-old girl got two B’s rather than straight A’s.

Police have charged the man with two felony counts of making terroristic threats. No shots were fired, and the man — who reportedly admitted aiming the weapon in his daughter’s direction — said it wasn’t loaded according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The Tribune explains what happened between father and daughter based on the criminal complaint:

“According to the complaint, the argument began when [Kirill] Bartashevitch berated his daughter for not making straight A’s at school. The girl swore at her father and stated that she ‘hated’ him. He then pointed his new AK-47 at the girl, the complaint said.”

“The mother said that when she tried to protect the girl, her husband pushed her to the floor.

The father is a new owner of the AK-47 who apparently bought the weapon based on concerns that new gun control regulations could take it off the market.

According to Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul, the confrontation didn’t come to light immediately:

“St. Paul police learned of the Jan. 13 incident after Bartashevitch’s daughter sent a text message to a Central High School classmate, saying her father pointed an AK-47 at her. The message was seen by the classmate’s mother, who reported it to a school social worker.”

The Ramsey County, Minn., prosecutor noted that threatening someone with a gun is considered a violent crime regardless of the type of weapon or whether it’s loaded.

If found guilty, the suspect could face a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine on each count.