Rita Ora Shares Video Of Issues With Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Leading Up To Rainy Scotland Performance

Kevin WinterGetty Images for Coachella

Rita Ora had a Saturday gig in Scotland to get to, and she was bound and determined to do it, no matter what it took. The singer and actress chronicled her journey on Twitter, and it had more than its share of challenges. Between problems with flights, train rides, and a car ride to her show in Slessor Gardens, Ora got a little practice in patience. She made it through though and left Dundee fans thrilled in spite of the rain. She shared her victorious arrival and some of her performance with Instagram followers.

In her first tweet, Ora shared a photo of herself on a Virgin train with this caption.

“The show must go on! Scotland I’m coming! The weather is s***, flight got cancelled but that’s not gonna stop me from getting there! I hopped on the train (it’s a pretty long ride, caught up on love island obvs) but regardless I’m on my way!! See you soon!!”

After spending hours on a train, the songstress finally arrived in Dundee in the pouring rain with very little time to reach Slessor Gardens. The caption for the video she shared on Instagram indicates that she had to get official assistance to get there.

“Flight got cancelled took a train had to get a police escort in time for the show! Singing in the rain in a rain storm and I better GO OFF!! So much fun.”

The show did go on, with Ora sporting a leather jacket, plaid mini-skirt with leggings and boots as she sang and danced on the Dundee stage. Rain fell, and her red cap did little to protect her. By the looks of the video though, she and everyone on and in front of the stage had a great time regardless of the weather. At the close of the video, Ora calls the experience “amazing.”

The Courier described traffic delays caused by Ora’s anticipated performance that were likely the cause of her having problems getting to Slessor Gardens. They described pubs and restaurants all over town being packed with teens and their parents along with other fans before the concert. Road closures affected the flow of traffic near the concert from 3 p.m. to midnight, and busses were running behind. While fans waited for Ora’s arrival, they were entertained by a DJ set from Sigma and performances by MNEK and Hannah Jane Lewis. Police reported no incidents related to the concert.