Robin Williams’ First Wife Opens Up About His Infidelity, Says She Allowed It

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Robin Williams’ first wife, Valerie Velardi, has come out with the revelation that she not only knew about the late comedian’s romantic dalliances but that she also softly endorsed them as well according to reportage coming from PageSix.

Velardi was married to the comic actor and stand-up comedian while his career was entering its upswing, from 1978 to 1988, and got to see the development of Robin Williams from small-time star to something more. Through her appearance within the newly minted documentary surrounding the life and career of Robin Williams entitled Come Inside My Mind, Williams’ first wife spares no detail in discussing the affairs that took place on the side during their decade of marriage according to the Daily Mail.

“He loved women. Absolutely loved women. And I got it… I understood and I wanted him to have that, but I also wanted him to come home.”

Robin Williams was a relatively unknown actor when the two started dating in 1976. For her part, Velardi says she was taken in by his charm, wit, and overall love of life.

“He was bartending. He had a French accent, offered me a drink, chatted me up and was absolutely delightful… He asked me for a ride home. He was speaking French and I was teasing him and we had a kiss… And I just knew I was going to see him again.”

Williams would go on to land a one-off role as an alien character during an episode of hit television sitcom Happy Days — a role that would be such a success that it lead to a spin-off featuring Williams at the star in Mork and Mindy — then continued on to become an internationally known star.

The lovebirds had one child together, Zachary “Zack” Pym, but the flames of their romance had dimmed by the closing days of the decade of excess, the 1980s. Drifting apart, finding their focus on one another waning while Williams’ career took off and Velardi became less involved with his work, they found themselves alienated and estranged from one another.

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They were divorced in 1988. Williams would marry Zachary’s nanny, Marsha Garces, who soon bore him a child, and then another — Zelda and Cody. Williams’ second marriage would span from 1989 to 2010.

Robin Williams would marry a third and final time, wedding Susan Schneider in 2010 and remaining with her until his tragic death by suicide in 2014. It was later revealed that Williams was suffering from Lewy Body Dementia and had been struggling with symptoms as he contemplated and ultimately conducted his end.

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Williams left behind a family and fan base grieving for him to this day, along with a corpus of work that won many awards and many hearts.

The documentary following his life in the form of Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind is said to be a masterpiece according to GQ, having premiered in January at Sundance Film Festival to much acclaim and to be aired this evening on Sky Atlantic.