President Obama Sending $155 Million To Syria [Op-Ed]

COMMENTARY | President Barack Obama has authorized $155 million in Syrian aid. The White House reportedly hopes that another massive infusion of taxpayer dollars will help stem the violence in the country. There should not be a single American dime being sent overseas until we have our own fiscal house in order.

Congress has not passed a budget in four years and our national debt is growing by the minute. Although the innocent victims in Syria, and elsewhere need help, Congress must take care of responsibilities here at home first.

When a worthy charity comes knocking at the door, you help as much as you can. But, responsible American citizens do not give away money when their own bills are going unpaid. A common sense approach to spending the hard-earned money of American workers should be taken every time a penny is approved for both domestic and foreign initiatives.

A statement President Obama posted on the White House website in reference to the Syrian aid reads:

“The relief we sent doesn’t say ‘Made in America’ but make no mistake – our aid reflects the commitment of the American people. We’re under no illusions; the days ahead will continue to be very difficult. But what’s clear is that the regime continues to weaken and lose control of territory. The opposition continues to grow stronger. More Syrians are standing up for their dignity. The Assad regime will come to an end.”

Both Congress and the president need to consider their commitment to the American people when sending funds overseas. The latest wave of Syrian aid brings the total of taxpayer funds spent in the country over the last two year to $365 million, The Blaze notes.

Do you think the United States government should be sending millions to foreign nations when domestic funding constraints are causing law enforcement, firefighter, and teacher layoffs and increased taxation?