Pregnant Goat Dies After Reportedly Being Gang-Raped By Eight Men

In a truly creepy and horrendous incident emerging from India, eight men are absconding after allegations that they gang-raped a pregnant goat to death, reports Tribune India.

India is infamous for sexual violence against women, with the last few years marking spikes in incidents of rapes across the northern part of the country, but this is a massively disgusting incident even by the country’s abysmally low standards.

According to the report, the owner of the goat, Aslu, filed a report about an incident which took place on July 26. Early in the morning, some men tried to molest his pregnant goat in the courtyard of his house, at which point he confronted them. Some of the men were thrashed by local villagers for acting like lunatics.

The incensed men reportedly threatened Aslu with dire consequences, and sure enough, a few hours later, eight men including a few of those who had originally molested the goat returned and took her to an old home in the vicinity, where they allegedly gang-raped her. It has been reported that all men were heavily inebriated at the time of the ghastly act.

“They took my goat to an old home in the evening. One of the accused is mental. When I told them that I will file a complaint against them, they said you can do anything that you want, we will continue to do this. They don’t fear getting jailed as they claim to having contacts with big people.”

It has since been reported that the dead goat has been sent for an autopsy even as officials are raiding the houses of those accused. The local panchayat, governing bodies of India’s villages, are however intent on striking up a deal between the accused and the owner so that more tensions do not flare up in the region.

So far, the local police have registered a first information report under sections 377 (unnatural sex) and 429 (mischief by killing or maiming cattle) of the Indian Penal Code as well as sections under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, according to Quint.

“Aslu [the goat’s owner] registered a complaint on 26 July that his goat was gang-raped on the night of 25 July by Savakar, Haroon, Jaffar and five others who have not yet been identified,” officer Rajbir Singh told ANI.

The place where the horrific incident of animal abuse took place, India’s northern state of Haryana, has a massively skewed number of sexually violent acts taking place every year, leading Indians to often refer to Haryana as the most unsafe place for women in the country.