Diet Coke Hires Hunk For New Ad Campaign [Video]

The folks at Diet Coke have decided to go back to a well they tapped way back in 1994. The company has reportedly hired a hunk for its new European ad campaign.

Although model Lucky Vanous enjoyed the limelight when he starred in a series of Diet Coke advertisements back in the 90s, it would seem that the company is looking for some fresh blood to kick start an old idea. According to Yahoo! News, model Andrew Cooper has been selected to appear in the latest sets of ads.

If the advertisement does well overseas, then there’s a chance that Diet Coke could bring the commercial to the United States.

The Daily Mail reports that the 32-year-old model currently stars in a clip called “Gardener.” The piece reportedly involves Cooper taking off his shirt while being sprayed with Diet Coke. As in previous commercials, a group of women watch the entire display with giddy delight.

The new ad campaign is the company’s way of celebrating Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary. In addition to the new clip starring Andrew Cooper, the star of the 1998 ad is slated to make an appearance in the campaign at some point down the line.

Former Diet Coke model and current 90210 star Robert Merrill said that the beverage has been very good to him over the years.

He explained:

“I still do have a love affair with Diet Coke. She’s been good to me for all these years. Women got excited when they saw the Diet Coke Hunk commercials. Being objectified by women is a pretty good feeling if you ask me, and I felt like a rock star. Life is short and the commercial was harmless.”

The so-called “director’s cut” of the new commercial has been embedded below.

Are you a fan of the Diet Coke hunk? Do you think Andrew Cooper is the right person for the job?