‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap Fri. July 27: Steffy Stood By Bill Who Told Liam He Fell Of His Self-Righteous

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Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, July 27 states that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) overheard Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) yelling at Hope (Annika Noelle). She came in and told him that he could not talk to her daughter that way. Ridge replied that he would talk to Hope in whatever way he wished to because of what she had down. According to Soap Central, Brooke then gave him 10 seconds to apologize, and after he questioned her, another five. He finally said that he ought to choose his words more wisely.

The husband and wife still disagree about who Liam (Scott Clifton) should choose, with both still firmly on the side of their respective daughters. Brooke believed that by kissing Hope, Liam in effect chose Hope, but Ridge would not accept that. He wanted to know where Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was and Brooke said that history showed that she would be with Bill (Don Diamont). Ridge stormed out vowing that he would put a stop to that. In the meantime, Brooke told her daughter to put herself first and soon their family would come together.

Justin (Aaron D. Spears) and his boss were enjoying some respite after signing over Bill’s shares to Steffy. Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Justin warned Bill that he would one day regret his actions. When Wyatt (Darin Brooks) comes into the room, he immediately notices that something is out of place as far as his father is concerned. It only takes a few moments before he realized that Bill was no longer wearing his sword necklace. Bill informed him that his soon-to-be wife was wearing it, and that person was Steffy.

She Knows Soaps Wyatt was taken aback but he was quickly briefed about what Steffy had walked in on. Justin throws in that the necklace is not the only gift Bill gave Steffy, and Wyatt learns that his father also gave Steffy his Forrester shares. Wyatt was gobsmacked. After Justin left, Bill told his son that unlike Liam, he would never hurt Steffy and the shares were evidence of that. Wyatt asked if Steffy was telling Liam the news by herself, and Bill replied that he had a good point and left to support Steffy.

Not long after that, Ridge also appeared at Bill’s house but only Wyatt was there. Wyatt told Ridge everything that had gone down. He told a distraught Ridge that Steffy and Bill were happening.

At the cliff house, Liam confronted Steffy about the necklace around her neck. She told him that after all the times that he had accused her of going to Bill behind his back, she finally did just that. He said if it was her intention to hurt him, she did, and to please take it off. He asked Steffy to forgive him. Steffy rehashed how she was pregnant and begging on her knees for Liam to forgive her, and how he had put her through hell before he forgave her. Now he wanted her to forgive him after he walked into Hope’s arms.

Bold and the Beautiful recaps state that Steffy told him that she would be stronger than her mother was, and that he never knew her if he thought that she would raise a child in such an environment. She told him that she couldn’t trust him, couldn’t handle his indecision and had given up on love. She ordered him to be with Hope and have the life he had always wanted. She said that if Kelly was not incentive enough to keep him from cheating, and he was “starry-eyed” about Hope’s pregnancy that he wasn’t able to keep his promises.

Steffy told Liam that she would protect Kelly and that he had made his choice when he was with Hope. Liam balked and denied it. Steffy insisted that it was and Bill appeared and backed her up. Liam said he wanted her to forgive him, but Steffy said that it was his indecision that she could not forgive. Bill told Liam that when he had to forgive Steffy he had been sitting tall in the self-righteous saddle, but now he had fallen a long way. Liam tried to play the Kelly card, but Bill chuckled and said that Kelly didn’t stop him from kissing Hope.

Bill told Liam that Kelly would now have a stable home with him and Steffy. He said that although all of them would look out for her, Liam would have to answer to him and Steffy. Bill reminds his son that Steffy would always come first with him. Liam yelled at his father and told Steffy that she didn’t have to do it. Steffy walked over to Bill and stood by the new man in her life. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.