Russian Prostitutes Allegedly Stealing Tech Secrets For Intel Officers By Seducing Silicon Valley Execs

A new investigative report by Politico has uncovered a disturbing trend that’s now being called an “epidemic.” Russian prostitutes are reportedly seducing Silicon Valley execs and venture capitalists as a way to gain entry into the “inside.” These prostitutes are then allegedly reporting to Russian officials. The information was gained by speaking with former U.S. intelligence officials who consider the problem to be a “full-on epidemic of espionage.”

One fancy hotel, in particular, Rosewood Hotel, is considered to be one of the prime hot spots where the seduction takes place. The lounge is a swanky spot where the whos who of Silicon Valley are known to hang out. One source described the process as “You don’t need to be on the inside, you just need somebody on the inside that you have access to.”

Another former operative said that “Sex workers targeting executives at high-end bars and nightclubs such as the Rosewood Sand Hill … and other spots have been identified as potentially reporting back to Russian intel officers,” detailed the Daily Mail.

The issue is made worse by the fact that Bay area tech companies aren’t keenly aware of such espionage threats. But it ought to be, considering that Russian intel officers have been gathering information in the Bay area since the Cold War.

The Russian intel officers are seeking tons of different kinds of information. From new tech being developed for consumer use to the most sensitive projects involving the military, the espionage was reportedly being done from the Russian San Francisco Consulate. The consulate was closed by Trump in September 2017.

Since the consulate has been shut down, Russians have still infiltrated the area through a U.S. subsidiary of Rusnano which is near Stanford. Rusnano, is in fact, known as “an intelligence platform, from which they launched operations.”

But bolder than that is the use of Russian prostitutes that seduce execs at important tech companies in Silicon Valley. As Rosewood Sand Hill faces these fresh allegations, they’ve responded saying the following.

“[The hotel] holds itself to the highest standards and does not tolerate illegal or immoral activity… The statements made in the Politico article regarding our hotel are unfounded and without validity. We will continue to maintain the highest levels of security as we always have to ensure the safety, privacy and integrity of our guests and local patrons.”

Especially when it comes to leaking military-related tech advances, the work being done by these Russian prostitutes is highly concerning. This is especially true as the U.S. grapples with the Mueller indictments of Russian officials surrounding election interference.