Mirjam Novak Gushes About Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher ‘Well-Behaved’ Children

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Mila Kunis’ co-star on The Spy Who Dumped Me, Mirjam Novak, aspires to start her own family one day. The 37-year-old German actress and screenwriter turned to Kunis for a few pointers as an experienced mother-of-two. The mother of 19-month-old Dimitri and three-year-old Wyatt was more than happy to offer parenting advice to her co-star.

Mirjam told US Weekly that Mila gave her advice as well as pointed her in the direction of the best parenting books. Novak told the media outlet she has a lot of love and respect for Mila, noting that the Bad Moms star and her That ’70s Show alum husband “clearly know what they are doing” when it comes to parenting.

Novak couldn’t help but gush over how incredibly “well-behaved” Mila’s children Wyatt and Dimitri were during visits to the movie set. She also recalled Mila’s husband being extremely “low-key.”

“He just walked in like [a] catering guy and then would walk out again with a child strapped around his body. So they were very cool,” Novak recalled.

Mila and Ashton Kutcher celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary earlier this month on July 4. The two haven’t been shy about sharing how much they love every detail about their little family.

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According to Us Weekly, Mila gushed during an interview with E! about how there was never a moment where she found her children irritating. Unlike some parents who find the constant chatter and questions of a toddler to be irritating, Mila embraces her inquisitive daughter.

“She’s inquisitive and wants to know about life and how everything functions and everything is wonderful and beautiful. I’m just not at that annoyed stage.”

During the premiere of The Spy Who Dumped Me, Kunis also revealed one of her parenting secrets to Us Weekly. According to Kunis, she has a bit of a Yelp obsession as both she and her husband Ashton use the app for all of their parent needs. “I Yelp everything,” the actress joked to Us Weekly during the L.A. premiere. “I’m like, Yelp the doctor!”

As those who follow Kunis and Kutcher know, the couple met on That ’70s Show back in 1998 when they played the role of lovers on screen. The duo maintained a really great friendship for years before realizing the chemistry they had on the set boiled over into real life and started dating in 2012.

The two officially tied the knot three years ago and have had nothing but great things to say about each other and their two children since.